COVID-19 Update and Scam Alert

August 31, 2020 

The Covid-19 pandemic is a serious and evolving situation. At CKEC, we are doing our best to respond, stay informed as well as following the advice of the CDC. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to keep our members and employees safe.

The Binger, Anadarko, and Mustang office lobbies remain closed. Please utilize the drive-thru window at these locations. The Cordell lobby is open, but a mask is required to enter the lobby. Members can utilize the drop box located west of the front door at the Cordell office. 

CKenergy offers many options to members to pay their bills.

  • US Payments Kiosk
  • Drive thru at Binger, Mustang and Anadarko
  • Night drops at Binger, Cordell, Anadarko and Mustang
  • Visit our website www.ckenergy.coop (please call the office if you need help setting up your account)
  • Use the CKenergy App
  • Pay by phone from 8-5, Monday-Friday with a customer service representative
  • Pay by phone 24/7 through the IVR

If you see our linemen or any employee in the field, please continue to allow 6 feet for safety. We are asking employees and our members to practice social distancing. Our linemen will have minimal interaction with the members while on site. We are focused on maintaining a healthy workforce, and keeping key personnel—such as line workers and member service representatives— available so that we can continue to provide the excellent service you expect from us. Thank you for your patience as we work through this together


Please be aware of a potential scam finding its way into Oklahoma Electric Cooperatives.

This is a company placing digital ads on websites to persuade members to make a payment through doxo.com. If members create a log-in, they will be able to use the search feature to find a co-op such as CKenergy and view detailed information about the co-op, making it look like an authentic partnership.
Unfortunately, members who use doxo.com to pay their bill could be hit with high fees and charges on top of the regular bill.
If you want to pay your bill online, please do so by visiting our website at www.CKenergy.coop or download the CKenergy app. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 405-656-2322

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