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Operation Round Up

Next Meeting is April 11, 2017
Applications are due at least a week before the next scheduled meeting.
For more information, contact us at 405-656-2322.


Any organization that is located within our service territory is eligible to apply for a grant to help benefit their cause.

Organization Application

Individuals, in our service territory, who are in need of financial assistance are able to apply for a grant through our cooperative foundation.

Individual Application.

Operation Round Up is a charitable program that is offered by many utility and electric companies across the country, including cooperatives like CKEC.  Almost all states are represented by this program.

Operation Round Up is a volunteer program in which members agree to have their utility bill “rounded up” to the next whole dollar amount. For example, if a member’s bill is $49.77, the bill is rounded up to $50.00. The additional 23 cents is then deposited to the Operation Round Up fund.

The average yearly contribution from each cooperative member is about $6.  No single account would contribute more than $12 in a single year.  Contributions are tax deductible and participation is voluntary.

The funds collected by the Operation Round Up are used to support charitable causes and nonprofit community services and programs throughout CKEC’s service territory.   Some examples may include things such as firefighting equipment for volunteer fire departments, life-saving equipment for ambulance or rescue squads, hospice programs, youth programs and more.

The funds collected by the Operation Round Up are administered by the CKenergy Charitable Foundation and its directors. The board meets and discusses applications quarterly.

Funds are never provided for any political purpose and donated money will not go towards paying the program’s administrative costs.


1st Quarter Grants
Elgin Public Schools- $3,500.00
Friends of the Mustang Public Library- $3,000.00
Cement Senior Nutrition Center- $2,000.00
Corn VFD- $3,000.00
Lookeba- Sickles VFD- $1,675.00
Make-A-Wish Foundation- $2,500.00
Vizavance- $2,800.00
Apex, Inc.- $7,000.00
Individual Grants- $ 7,500.00