Phone lines to our Binger offices are down. Please direct outage phone calls to our toll free number 1-800-868-8243.
Load Control is Inactive between 12PM and 12PM Today.
Load Control was cancelled at 12PM Today.

Powerline Contractor Notice

Power-line Construction Contractors and Bulldozer / Equipment Contractors:

CKenergy Electric Cooperative is committed to providing quality electric service to our Members.  As part of that quality service we must prepare for major severe weather events.

In order to prepare for severe weather we are requesting interested, qualified Power-Line Construction Contractors supply CKenergy Electric Cooperative with a fee schedule for their services and a listing of available equipment and manpower.

This notice will be posted publically in print and online, and this notice will be electronically sent to Small Business Enterprise (SBE), Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE), and Labor Surplus Area (LSA) agencies and/or associations.

CKenergy Electric Cooperative utilizes Rural Utilities Services (RUS) construction standards, respondents should be familiar with these specifications and have experience installing power-line using the RUS specifications.

In order to capitalize on a broad range of experience and knowledge we encourage all qualified contractors to submit the following information for records, once we receive the following information we will determine the qualified contractors to be placed on our work notification list.

Legal Name of company:

Company Address (including telephone number and email address):

Primary Company Contact (24 hours in the event of storm work):

Company Contact (Person responsible for follow-up information regarding determination of company qualifications):

Certificate of Insurance (Liability):

Certificate of Insurance (Worker’s Comp):

Work References (3 from the past 24 months):

Fee Schedule:

Equipment Listing:

Manpower Listing:

All interested parties may contact the Purchasing Department at or at CKenergy Electric Cooperative, (405) 656-2322 with any questions regarding this notice.