Senior Scholarship

CKenergy Awards $500 Scholarships

CKenergy Electric Cooperative supports the educational goals of Oklahoma youth by offering scholarships to college-bound graduates and teens planning to attend technical school.

This year, CKEC is pleased to announce the recipients of eleven $500 scholarships. Congratulations to Ty Courtney, Fort Cobb-Broxton High School; Georgia Griffith, Sentinel High School; Sara Howard, Lookeba Sickles High School; Kale Kauk, Cordell High School; Kaitlin Kuehne, Cordell High School; Justin Sawatzky, Corn Bible Academy; Daci Sawyer, Clinton High School; Dylan Schmidt, Corn Bible Academy; Lauren Slagell, Weatherford High School; and Audrey Spalding, Corn Bible Academy.

The year’s topic for the winning essays was “Imagine it is the year 2030 and you are a CKEC member wishing to run for the CKEC Board of Directors. Explain to your fellow CKEC members why they should vote for you to represent CKEC.” The program is open to any graduating senior who attends high school in CKenergy service territory, and whose parents or guardians are members of CKEC.

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CKenergy is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

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