Energy Camp

Local Students Attend Energy Camp




Written by 2018 Energy Camp Board of Directors

Approximately 90 eighth-graders, from all across the state, attended the 2018 Energy
Camp this summer. The camp was held May 29-June 1. There were many experiences that
these campers were able to enjoy. They learned how to climb a utility pole and got to go
up in a bucket truck, for a bird’s eye view of camp! Other things the campers enjoyed
were a trip to Celebration Station in Oklahoma City, swimming and sand volleyball.
The campers learned about electrical safety, cooperatives and leadership skills. They
were also given the chance to elect their own Energy Camp Board of Directors. The Board
of Directors had an opportunity to interview candidates and hire a Manager of Energy
Camp, from the camp delegation.
The campers had a wonderful time at camp and will forever treasure their memories.

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