May 11, 2021 

NOTICE:  We’ve Smoothed Out The End of The Generator Program.  Read on, Please.

In February, we announced an abrupt end to the maintenance program only to realize we probably should have smoothed the transition a little better.  (Sometimes we learn by living, right?)  Our goal is always to provide the best service of any kind that we possibly can.
Even so, due to the number of generators which have been installed during the past 11 years, a reduction in licensed manpower, along with the added wholesale costs, leave your Cooperative needing to reduce an overwhelming backlog of maintenance.  We are slowly turning this service over to area generator contractors and service companies who have grown since we began our program. 
Many of you by now have received a call from one of these contractors asking to schedule service and we encourage each of you to schedule that service when they call.  As promised, the entire maintenance cost for your generator this year is covered by CKenergy.  We previously stated that following this initial service, future years would be the responsibility of the generator owner.  However, after discussing this with a few members and the Board of Directors, we’ve decided to rebate each generator owner a credit of $100 per year through 2024.  Hopefully this will make the transition a little smoother for each of you.  It doesn’t cover the whole cost, but definitely softens the impact.
Shortly, we will be posting a rebate form on our website which will need to be filled out by the member or the contractor and sent back to CKenergy to receive each year’s rebate.  The rebate form will consist of information regarding the generator owner and address, the servicing contractor’s invoice, and the model and serial number of the generator.  
The rebate offer will be in place through 2024 for all current generator owners whose generators were purchased prior to January 1, 2019.  The rebate offer becomes null and void if the original home/generator owner changes during that time frame.
CKenergy will still have technicians on staff and will continue working on repairs and warranties for any of the generators which have remaining warranties.  We do encourage you to utilize your new maintenance contractor for those services if they are available from them.  
There you have it, you spoke and we listened.  Thank you for your patience and understanding with us as we move forward with other programs designed to have positive impacts on the members of CKenergy.  Call Heath Gossen @ 405-656-9129, Keith DeVaughan @ 405-656-9115, or Dwayne Hurliman @ 405-656-9206.   

W. Boyd Lee

VP Strategic Planning



February 8, 2021, 

CKenergy is discontinuing its generator load control program and its ongoing maintenance program for generators.  Wholesale power changes have taken away the customer incentive for load control and leave the cooperative with no option but to change the program status. 

Due to these changes, it is no longer feasible to continue providing free maintenance and oil changes.  As you all know, anything in the utility world is subject to unexpected change due to outside market forces. 

To be fair to all our existing generator customers, CKenergy will provide 1 last free service to be fulfilled over the next few months.  However, because our in-house workforce is overwhelmed with other responsibilities, that service will be performed by contractors we have selected.  These contractors are of high integrity and represent excellent workmanship in the industry.  When they call about doing your service, please go ahead and schedule with them.  The cost for that service will be paid by CKenergy.

After your final service, the generator is no longer asked to run for demand control by CKenergy so it just becomes a stand-by generator maintained by you, the owner.  You may contract from that point with the contractor who provides your final service unless you choose to service the machine yourself.  We recommend the contractor so he’ll actually keep track of timing for you.

We apologize for any current or future inconvenience this may cause.  As time goes on, we intend to link videos to our website which explain certain types of maintenance and how to perform some of those services yourself if you choose.  It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you read your Generac literature which came with your generator to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of a generator that is working properly.  First and foremost, learn to listen to the exercise cycle each week to make sure it is ready for each outage.  Don’t wait for an outage to find out it isn’t working.

We will continue providing a limited amount of problem-solving and repair for a time, but that may also be phased out in the next year so be sure to ask questions and work closely with your new service contractor.

More information will follow, but if you have questions you may call the main office at 800-868-8243, wait for the operator and then ask for Heath Gossen ext.129, Keith DeVaughan, ext. 115, Dwayne Hurliman, ext. 206 or Boyd Lee, ext.135.

When load control began, we developed a rate that would help incentivize the use of residential generators for demand control.  Rate 31 was developed as the residential rate for the generator load control program.  Due to the culmination of load control, Rate 31 will be phased out on December 31, 2021.  At that point, you will be placed on the residential rate most appropriate for your account.  The most common residential rate is our standard Rate 1.  CKenergy also has two rates for geothermal heat pump users which some of you may qualify to receive.  The geothermal rates, Rate 45 & 46 are comparable to your existing generator rate.  If you already have geothermal heating & cooling, be sure to contact us right away so we’ll be able to put you on the better rate at the end of this year.

This transition will require effort on all our parts and we will work with you to help you make the transition as smooth as possible.  We will update you with additional information as it becomes available.

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