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Generator Owner:

Congratulations on the purchase of a home stand by generator. This is a big investment towards your comfort and convenience during power outages. There are a few things you need to know about your home stand by generator, such as that it is powered by a combustion engine just like your lawn mower or your vehicle. Your generator may be fueled by Natural Gas, Liquid Propane, or Diesel. Knowing these things about your generator will make you aware of a few things:

  • There are many moving parts and safeties on your system that require maintenance and monitoring by you to assure the reliability of your system.
  • The generator is designed to perform a weekly exercise cycle to assure that oil in the engine is circulated to moving parts and allow the moving parts to operate so they retain mobility.
  • Knowing when your exercise time occurs is very important. This is not monitored by CKenergy and we have no way of knowing if your generator is operating properly. If your generator has a malfunction that prevents it from exercising, it will also prevent it from working during a power outage.
  • There are also possible maintenance reminders that will alert you on the digital read out of the generator (if applicable). You should become familiar with your generator and know how to open the access panels and check the display.
  •  You should also be familiar with how to set the date and time and also the date and time for exercise. Most generators do not have the ability to adjust to Daylight Savings time so you need to be able to correct this or be aware that this will change your exercise time.
  • Since the generator is driven by a combustion engine it requires maintenance. There is engine oil that should be checked and or changed periodically, if an extended outage occurs the engine should be shut down at least every 24 hours of run time to check engine oil (some engines consume oil which is a common occurrence during extended run time), engine coolant level should be checked (if applicable), and the engine air filter should be cleaned or replaced.

With proper maintenance your generator should give many years of reliable power. We are here to serve you with your maintenance and service needs. If you need service, maintenance, or information please feel free to contact us. We have a phone line dedicated to generators that is monitored 24hrs a day, just leave a message and we will get back to as soon as possible. We also have an email for generator customers if you prefer.


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