For members interested in the ultimate control of their electric account billing, take advantage of our Pre-Paid Billing Program.

This program allows you to schedule your own payments toward your electric bill. Each day, CKenergy 
will bill you for your prior day's usage base rate and deduct the bill amount from the credit 
on your account. Not only will you be able to make payments as wish, but you also gain the 
knowledge of how much power you are consuming on a daily basis. Daily balances are available for 
review at our Secure Payment Portal or on the CKenergy app.

CKenergy’s only duty is to send notice by e-mail or text message, but service will be terminated 
whether or not the member actually receives the message.

•  Have current and past-due billing paid.
•  Have all unbilled miscellaneous charges paid.
•  Pay for all unbilled usage, as of the date the member account is added to the pre-payment program.
•  Provide CKenergy with a valid e-mail address & telephone number and keep both current.
•  Set up their account with a minimum credit of $40.00.

Pre-Paid Billing Program Agreement


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