Payment Options

Learn about the many ways we offer for bill pay.


Levelized Billing- CKEC offers a level payment plan for qualified members. Call us to find out how to qualify. Levelized Billing Application

Draft- This bill-paying system eliminates your need to write a check and mail your payment to CKEC. Your payment goes directly from your bank account or credit card to CKEC. Drafts are on the 1st or 16th depending on the bill due date. Bank Draft Application

Secure Online Bill Pay- Use the Customer Service Portal on our website to make payments, view statements, report outages, and much more. You can also do all of this through our mobile app.

Automated Payment by Phone- Make a payment by dialing  1-800-868-8243 or 1-888-832-3362. You will need your account information.

Drop Box- Deposit a payment anytime at any of our office locations at the convenient drop box.

Prepaid Service- Instead of receiving a bill once a month, your electric use and cost are calculated daily. You can check your balance several different ways and receive notices when your balance is low. Prepaid Service Application

Auto Pay- You are able to choose your own payment date and you can sign up online or through the app. 

Kiosk - You can pay with cash, check, credit or debit card at designated locations throughout CKenergy's service territory. 

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