Leadership Summit

  • Application Guidelines
Applicants must be a student in the 10-12th grade in a school within CKEC's service territory.
The parents or guardians of applicants must be members of CKEC.

Applicants must be able to attend the Youth Leadership Summit scheduled for Monday, March 15, 2021, during the event 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. More details will be provided to those selected for the Summit and scholarship.

Applicants must submit a 
300-500 word essay on what you think makes a great leader. Include a discussion of your leadership skills and how you hope to improve those skills. Please submit Leadership Summit Application with the 300-500 word essay. 

All applications will be reviewed by a panel chosen by or appointed by CKEC.

Forfeiture of Scholarship
The $500 scholarship will be forfeited if the chosen applicant does not attend the Youth Leadership Summit.

The safety of our students and chaperones is our top priority. If the Leadership Summit coordinators feel that travel is unsafe due to concerns with the Coronavirus (or any other acts of terrorism, disaster, civil disorder, or curtailment of transportation facilities), then the trip will be canceled.

Leadership Summit Application

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